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Andrew Clarke – Lamb chops

Publication date: December 8, 2023

This easy lamb chop recipe comes together quickly. The sizzled garlic balances the richness of the lamb and pairs nicely with the lemon-parsley pan sauce.

by robot: 18 min.
1 person
16 ingredients
Nutrition Facts
305 kcal.
21 g.
91 mg.
390 mg.
28 g.

How to Cook

Before cooking the dish, prepare all the ingredients according to the instructions in the Ingredients section.

  1. 0:00 (min) Halve the raddichio, take the core out and break into rough pieces.
  2. 1:05 (min) Cut the end of the chicory off and seperate the leaves.
  3. 1:15 (min) If the leaves are too big, break into smaller pieces.
  4. 1:35 (min) Pick the watercress leaves off the thick stalk.
  5. 2:16 (min) To make the salsa verde, start by mincing the garlic.
  6. 4:10 (min) Roughly chop the picked basil leaves.
  7. 5:53 (min) Roughly chop the mint and parsley leaves.
  8. 6:31 (min) Add the drained baby capers to the green sauce, followed by the mustard, red wine vinegar and olilve oil.
  9. 7:24 (min) Roughly chop the anchovies and add to the sauce, then stir the sauce together with some salt and pepper. Leave in the fridge until ready to serve.
  10. 8:23 (min) Season the lamb chops with salt and pepper on both sides, then pour some oil into the frying pan over a high heat.
  11. 8:51 (min) Start cooking the lamb on the skin side to melt some of the fat.
  12. 9:44 (min) When the fat is starting to crisp, turn the lamb onto its side to brown for around 2 minutes.
  13. 11:29 (min) Turn the lamb over.
  14. 14:05 (min) Turn the heat off abd add butter & garlic to the pan.
  15. 15:49 (min) Turn the lamb over once more.
  16. 16:20 (min) Remove the lamb from the pan and leave to rest.
  17. 16:35 (min) To serve, place the lamb on a plate with some of the cooking juices. Dress the Italian leaves in ollive oil, salt, some of the salsa verde and place on the plate.
  18. 17:59 (min) To finish, serve another spoon of the salsa verde on the side of the lamb.
  19. The dish is ready!
15 gr.
Baby Capers
25 gr.
10 gr.
Butter (Spreadable 75-80% Fat)
40 gr.
Dijon Mustard
1 tspn.
Garlic Clove
1 pc.
Ground Black Pepper
5 gr.
Lamb, chump chops, weighed with bone
353 gr.
5 gr.
Olive Oil
100 ml.
5 gr.
Red Wine Vinegar
1 tbs.
5 gr.
Small Chicory
1 pc.
Small Raddichio
0.5 pc.
20 gr.
Cutter board
E-Pepper Grinder
E-Salt Grinder
Frying Pan
Mixing Bowl
Slotted Spatula

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