Robotic Chef

SHA Fish Stew

Publication date: December 8, 2023

Fish stew is a special dish made with a combination of fish, vegetables, and herbs.

by robot: 55 min.
1 person
19 ingredients
Nutrition Facts
477 kcal.
12 g.
55 mg.
900 mg.
39 g.
29 g.

How to Cook

Before cooking the dish, prepare all the ingredients according to the instructions in the Ingredients section.

  1. 0:00 (min) Put a medium sized pot on a medium heat and add the sesame oil.
  2. 5:55 (min) Stir in the leeks and garlic followed by the carrots.
  3. 11:31 (min) Add the mushrooms, season with salt and stir together.
  4. 16:30 (min) Add the Water, Black Pepper, Spices, Kombu & Katsuobushi to the Pot and stir together.
  5. 26:11 (min) Stir in the Broccoli.
  6. 31:36 (min) Add the Ginger Juice to the pot.
  7. 34:11 (min) Stir in the Radish.
  8. 45:22 (min) Stir in the Hake.
  9. 49:25 (min) Turn the Hob off and allow to cool slightly before stirring in the Chives and Miso.
  10. The dish is ready!
Cardamon - Whole Pods
1 gr.
Carrots -
90 gr.
Chives - Thinly Sliced
8 gr.
Cinnamon - Whole Sticks
7 gr.
Garlic -
8 gr.
Ginger root -
20 gr.
Ground Black Pepper
1 gr.
Hake - 3cm x 3cm, 20gram chunks Hake
150 gr.
Katsuobushi - Finely Chopped
4 gr.
Leeks - Julienne
60 gr.
Maldon Sea Salt
4 gr.
Miso Paste (Barley Miso)
25 gr.
Red Radishes - Small
40 gr.
Sesame Oil
10 gr.
Shiitake Mushrooms - Medium Slice
80 gr.
Star Anise
2.2 gr.
Tenderstem Broccoli -
100 gr.
Water (Mineral)
1000 gr.
Kombu Seaweed - Whole Sheets
13 gr.
Cutter board
Medium Pot
Slotted Spatula

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