Robotic Chef

Penne & Mushroom Alfredo

Publication date: December 8, 2023

Fettuccine Alfredo is a classic for a good reason: fettuccine’s wide, thick shape allows you to sop up the maximum amount of creamy sauce with each bite.

by robot: 43 min.
4 person
8 ingredients
Nutrition Facts
375 kcal.
5.6 g.
737.5 mg.
67.5 g.
13.8 g.

How to Cook

Before cooking the dish, prepare all the ingredients according to the instructions in the Ingredients section.

  1. 0:00 (min) Put the Boiling Pot on the Hob.
  2. 0:27 (min) Put the Medium Pot on the Hob.
  3. 0:41 (min) Pour the Water into the Boiling Pot.
  4. 1:01 (min) Turn the Hob On.
  5. 1:11 (min) Turn the Boiling Pot temperature onto number 9.
  6. 1:21 (min) Turn the Medium Pot temperature onto number 6.
  7. 1:31 (min) Add the Butter to the Medium Pot.
  8. 5:42 (min) Add the Mushrooms to the Medium Pot.
  9. 6:12 (min) Season the Medium Pot with Salt.
  10. 6:28 (min) Season the Medium Pot with Pepper.
  11. 6:56 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 11 sec.)
  12. 9:05 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 9 sec.)
  13. 10:27 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 18 sec.)
  14. 11:26 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 12 sec.)
  15. 12:18 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 12 sec.)
  16. 13:07 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 12 sec.)
  17. 13:48 (min) Scrape the Double Cream into the Medium Pot.
  18. 14:25 (min) Season the Medium Pot with Salt.
  19. 14:43 (min) Season the Medium Pot with Pepper.
  20. 15:03 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 9 sec.)
  21. 17:05 (min) Tip the Sea Salt into the Boiling Pot.
  22. 18:17 (min) Tip the Penne into the Boiling Pot.
  23. 18:37 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 7 sec.)
  24. 22:23 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 7 sec.)
  25. 22:55 (min) Scrape the Parmesan into the Medium Pot.
  26. 23:18 (min) Turn the Boiling Pot Hob Off.
  27. 23:26 (min) Remove the Boiling Pot Insert from the Boiling Pot and tip the Pasta into the Serving Dish.
  28. 23:56 (min) Tip the Parsely into the Medium Pot.
  29. 24:10 (min) Stir the Medium Pot. (Duration 12 sec.)
  30. 24:34 (min) Turn the Hob Off.
  31. 24:51 (min) Scrape the contents of the Medium Pot into the Serving Dish.
  32. 25:17 (min) Stir the Serving Dish.
  33. The dish is ready!
Cheese (Parmesan)
100 gr.
Chestnut Mushrooms
300 gr.
Cream (Double)
200 gr.
Parlsey -
14 gr.
Ground Black Pepper
1 gr.
Maldon Sea Salt
27 gr.
Penne (Fresh)
300 gr.
Unsalted Butter -
40 gr.
Boiling pot
Medium Pot
Roasting Dish
Slotted Spatula
Tap Sparyer

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