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Chef’s Table PRO-Commercial Model is tailored specifically for commercial environments. Designed with a modular and adaptable for supporting different workflow processes structure, this kitchen integrates into the space of commercial kitchens, offering a dynamic culinary experience that extends beyond traditional boundaries. Your customers can interact with the kitchen, creating an engaging and immersive dining experience.
Tailored for efficiency in various commercial settings, including cloud kitchens, the Chef’s Table PRO comes in optimized versions that automate a multitude of repetitive operations. From streamlining the preparation of various dish components to handling the entire process for up to 95 servings, this model ensures unparalleled performance. It is designed to meet the demands of diverse establishments such as hotel kitchens (including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 24-hour room service menus), global restaurant chain kitchens, and social enterprises like business centers, kindergartens, schools, senior living communities, and hospitals.
The Universal Kitchen Platform developed by Moley is a groundbreaking innovation designed to seamlessly integrate into both residential and commercial settings. The commercial iteration of this robotic kitchen offers enhanced capabilities, enabling it to efficiently cater to the demands of a high-volume clientele. It excels in delivering freshly prepared dishes swiftly and consistently, making it an ideal solution for various establishments such as hotels, restaurant chains, offices, and business centers. With its versatility, the commercial version is adept at serving throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

For heightened safety and hygiene, an optional polycarbonate screen can be installed, eliminating physical contact between customers and the robot.

Equipped with advanced technology, this kitchen model can transmit real-time information about the cooking process to remote computers, allowing for seamless supervision of operations and precise monitoring of performance metrics.

The Chef’s Table PRO modular design ensures a seamless fit into existing workflows, whether it’s in cloud kitchens, open space kitchens, or client-serving kitchens. Specifically tailored for these environments, the Chef’s Table PRO optimizes workflow processes, allowing to free one or two cooks from hard, repetitive, and harmful work, thereby promoting a safer and more sustainable working environment.

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Michelin-starred chef Andreas Caminada, and awards winning chefs including Tim Anderson, Toni Toivanen, Andrew Clarke, Kiiche Okabe and others have collaboratively crafted our recipes library. Their culinary expertise and innovation are infused into every dish, ensuring a gastronomic experience that harmoniously blends tradition with technology.

Enjoy the masterful creations of these culinary virtuosos, brought to life by advanced robotics, in the comfort of your home.
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Experience the cutting-edge innovation with Moley Robotics' AI Robotic Technology. Our Universal Platform introduces the revolutionary concept of minimanipulation, setting a new standard in the field. The patented mini-manipulation system empowers robots with dynamic control, allowing them to execute highly intricate operations flawlessly in unpredictable environments, ensuring unmatched performance and adaptability.
The technology received the prestigious BEST OF THE BEST CES AWARD in 2015 at the Consumer Electronics Show, attesting to its groundbreaking nature.
At Moley Robotics, we take pride in our extensive and unique patent portfolio that solidifies our position as the forefront leader in robotic kitchen development. With over 60 utility patents, including 11 granted patents, Moley's commitment to technological excellence is evident. Our patents not only cover the technological intricacies of our AI Robotic Technology but also serve as a testament to our dedication to innovation and the pursuit of excellence in the field. Our kitchens can be utilized in both automatic and manual modes. In manual mode, individuals can use prompts in the interface to precisely replicate cooking.

Moley Robotic Kitchens brings the culinary mastery of renowned chefs from across the globe to your home. Whether you’re delving into the rich flavors of Italian cuisine, the intricate techniques of French cooking, the spicy curries of India, or the diverse offerings of Japanese, Korean, and Thai cuisines, this culinary gem offers a gateway to a world of flavors and cooking styles. Chef’s Table is your steadfast ally in maintaining your dietary preferences, whether you’re focused on low-calorie, vegan, vegetarian, or personalized nutrition programs.