Moley Robotics has created the world's first fully-automated and intelligent cooking robot. It learns recipes, cooks them and clears up after itself! It can mimic the actions of a master chef precisely, bringing a variety of delicious dishes, cooked to world-class standards to the domestic kitchen and other food preparation areas. The system comprises a full suite of appliances, cabinetry, safety features, computing and robotics.

Moley is turning the dream of unlimited access to chefs and their recipes worldwide into reality, with the option of the robot creating their dishes for you; producing meals from around the world or even cooking your own recipes and sharing them with others all in your own home.

The next two years Moley is focused on technology development, harnessing and coordinating the global resources. A philosophy of concentrating investor money on research, design and build activity means the organization will have unconventional, stripped down, technology bias to it just a team run by Mark Oleynik supported by a talented network of high powered, well placed advisors and a skeleton crew to keep the basics in place.


Mark Oleynik

Founder & CEO

An accomplished Ph.D. mathematician, computer scientist and proven trailblazer.

Peter Su

Patent strategy & legal Director

Partner, Dentons US LLP, the leading IP strategist, advised numerous Silicon Valley companies.

Prof. Mark Cutkosky


Professor at Stanford applies analyses, simulations & experiments to the design & control of devices for human/computer interaction.

David Walsh

Head of Engineering

As a Mechatronics engineer, his technical knowledge and insight brings real value to the product development effort.

Tim Anderson

Recipe Development

Freelance chef, food writer, and consultant winning BBC1’s MasterChef in 2011.

Pip Errington


Pip has comprehensive CMO/COO strategic and operational experience across multiple International markets.


Chief Software Architect / Software Engineer

As part of the growing development team Moley is seeking a skilled Chief Software Architect / Software Engineer to help lead the software development for the Robotic Kitchen. This role will place the individual at the heart of the exciting consume...

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Lead Computer Vision Engineer

As part of the growing development team Moley is seeking a Lead Computer Vision Engineer. This position will entail developing the architecture of the vision system, developing vision algorithms, coding, evaluating, and releasing them into product...

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Robotics Software Engineer

Moley is looking for a professional software engineer with robotics experience or a roboticist with extensive software engineering experience to join our growing development team. The candidate will work both individually and in a small team to de...

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Senior Mechanical Engineer

As part of the growing development team Moley is seeking a skilled Senior Mechanical Design Engineer to help lead the mechanical design of the Robotic Kitchen. This role will place the individual at the heart of the exciting consumer robotics indu...

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: Mankind’s Latest Evolution

Human advancement throughout history can largely be credited to our ability to invent machines that increase our productivity and efficiency.


Crowdfund Insider

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Moley Robotics Closes in on £1M Funding Target on Seedrs

With nearly two weeks until its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs comes to an end, London-based Moley Robotics has raised nearly £920,000 from close to 200 investors.


The Daily Meal

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This Robot Personal Chef Can Prepare Any Meal and Clean Up After Itself

Moley Robotics is preparing to release the world’s first robotic chef specifically designed for home use in 2018