Commercial Kitchen

When our first robotic kitchen prototype was launched at the Hannover Messe in 2015, it generated much interest in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries. We are currently in the process of building integrated robotics solutions for commercial kitchens, including separate component technologies as well as a complete cooking experience.

The commercial robotic kitchen will be adaptable and customised to individual requirements, supporting hotels, restaurants, healthcare and educational institutions, as well as care homes. By automating processes, it reduces costs and delivers healthy, freshly cooked, gourmet food, safely and efficiently.

Our vision is especially relevant in the wake of the global Coronavirus pandemic, as well as any other epidemiological situation, when people are particularly concerned about hygiene and have greater need of a contactless service to avoid the transmission of disease where possible. We understand that any inaccuracy in the robotic kitchen’s functionality could lead to vast disruption in the production process, which is unacceptable in a commercial environment. Therefore, we run extensive tests on technologies, in order to deliver a reliable and functional commercial product without compromise.

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